The Hottest New Wedding Venue Is... Costco?!

When some people dream of their wedding, they envision the ceremony happening in the most romantic venue possible: A sun-dappled vineyard… a tropical beach at sunset… a centuries-old cathedral… and so on and so forth. Others, though? They dream of getting married at Costco. I’m not kidding, either — that’s exactly what one couple did just a week ago in Santa Maria, California. They said their “I dos” in the frozen foods section. Ah, romance!

According to news station KEYT, Robert Bonillo and his new wife, Meredith, met a year ago while shopping in the aforementioned frozen foods section of their local Costco. It ended up being the proverbial match made in heaven, with that Costco becoming a location loaded with meaning for the two of them. Sure, it may not be the typical romantic first date setting, but who cares? Once upon a time, an advice column I read remarked to one letter writer that what lobster and champagne do for some people, cafeteria chili and oranges do for others. If it works for them? Awesome!

When the time came for Robert and Meredith to tie the knot, they decided the only possible place they could do it was the spot at which they first laid eyes on each other. Accordingly, they asked the Santa Maria Costco for permission to hold their wedding there — and, given Costco’s amazing track record for generally being terrific, it’s not at all surprising that they agreed. One of the freezer-lined areas of the frozen foods section served as the aisle; a couple of wooden shipping pallets functioned as an altar; and the whole thing looks like it was one riotously happy (if a little chilly) event. Oh, and the ceremony took place after the store had closed for the day, thus ensuring that no customers had to deal with dodging a radiant bride and her glowing groom while wrestling their giant bags of individually wrapped chicken breasts out of the freezer. Thoughtful of them, no?

I think what I enjoy the most about the whole story is that it challenges what we think of as “appropriate” wedding venues. Why bother with appropriate? That the venue be meaningful for the couple is probably way more important in the long run. These other ideas might not seem super romantic — but in the right situation for the right people, they definitely could be:

1. A Highway Rest Stop

For the couple on the go, the pair who met in the middle of a road trip, or those who just like to travel a lot.

2. Behind Your Office Next to the Dumpsters

Work romances may not always be advisable, but if you manage to make it work, your subtlest of meeting places might not be a bad place to say “I do.” Just, y'know... watch out for bears.

3. The Subway

It’s been done before!

4. Your Favorite Kitschy Restaurant

I nominate Guy Fieri’s nightmarish American Kitchen & Bar. Let’s fill that place with some good memories for once.

5. The Dollar Store

Bonus points if you challenge yourselves to decorate using only items found within that dollar store’s walls.

6. In a Dinghy Floating Around in the Middle of the Ocean

Sure, your guest list will have to be pretty tiny — but who says an elopement is out of the question?

7. Via Skype

Long distance relationships have some unique requirements.

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