Jamie Says That 'Fifty Shades' Isn't Misogynistic

Apparently Christian Grey is not as anti-feminist as you'd expect. In an interview with Elle UK, star Jamie Dornan said Fifty Shades of Grey is not misogynistic, explaining that BSDM is more about men surrendering their power to women than the other way around. "I can understand why people say tying a woman up and spanking her is misogynistic. But actually, more men are submissives than women. Very powerful men," he revealed. "It’s a far bigger scene than I imagined: in pretty much any city in the world that you could name, people want to get spanked with a paddle with studs on it."

In addition to talking about these powerful women, he also threw a curveball about the romantic nature of the erotic-novel-turned-movie. In Dornan's eyes, this tale is all about Ana and Christian's love, not just their time in the Red Room of Pain. "The love story is more important than the BDSM aspect. I mean, we are going to tell a love story, you know" he said. "It can’t just be what happens in the Red Room — that’s not a film. There’s so much more going on than that."

Dornan had been full of quotable moments about the upcoming film, including telling Elle UK about his trip to a real sex dungeon to prepare for the role. He also has defended the film against anti-feminist before, pointing out that everything was consensual and contracts made for equal power. Based on the tone of the book and what we've seen in the trailer, it still seems like Christian has the upper hand and doesn't treat Ana as an equal, but I appreciate that Dornan at least keeps an open mind about it.