Man With Two Penises Pens Memoir

On the second day of the year, it's only fitting we double our pleasure, and what could be better than a new memoir penned by the man with two penises? In the saucily entitled book Double Header: My Life With Two Penises , the infamous 25-year-old bi guy who goes by Double Dick Dude reveals what it has been like living with diphallia. Sure it's hard not to talk about this guy without fetishizing his condition, but behind his plethora of peni is actually a real person. Even the introduction to his ebook on Amazon is pretty partwarming — I mean — heartwarming. He writes:

When I 'came out' to the world on Reddit, I had no idea that anyone would really care that much about me. When you've had two dicks your whole life, it's not a big shock. Fascination about my double dicks is one thing. However, it's the wave of acceptance for being myself that inspired me to write this book.

Seriously though, with the cruelty of Internet culture, it's heartening to hear that he feels supported by so many in the online community. Growing up with any kind of difference can be hell on a kid. For those who pick up the book as a gag, my guess is you'll get more out of it than you bargained for.