Krysten Ritter's 'Breaking Bad' Essay Reveals What Jane Really Choked On

We should probably just dedicate the rest of this month to Breaking Bad right now and be done with it, because really, no one is going to talk about ANYTHING ELSE until probably October. Or November, depending on what happens during the series finale this Sunday. The most recent addition to the conversation: This essay by the doomed Jane Margolis herself, Krysten Ritter, published by Vulture to break our hearts about Jane's death all over again. Excuse me while I go sob into a pillow, here's an excerpt in which Ritter explains what it was like to shoot that death scene with Aaron Paul:

Ritter also reveals what exactly it was that she choked on, the formula that ultimately killed Jane Margolis: Not vomit like previously thought, but instead, a mixture of oatmeal and Mylanta that's "just enough pasty disgustingness to make you want to puke for real." The more you know.

You can read Ritter's full essay over at Vulture .

Image: AMC