18 Vegetarian Soup Recipes For National Soup Month That Even Meat-Eaters Will Love

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As a vegetarian, I can tell you from personal experience that finding really good vegetarian-friendly soups in restaurants and such is extremely difficult. Even in the case of veggie soups (like broccoli and cheese), most places cook with chicken broth. For me, this is a total bummer, because soup is kind of my favorite type of food in the world. So, to fix the issue, I've started making my own at home instead of ordering it.

It couldn't be a better time to write about vegetarian soups, since January is National Soup Month (um, best month ever?). Few things can warm you up after a cold day like a filling bowl of soup, and you should be able to enjoy that even if you're a vegetarian. These veg-friendly soups are so good that even those of you who love meat as much as Ron Swanson will enjoy them.

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