16 Stunningly Beautiful Winter Wedding Cakes

by Jennifer Valdez

So I'm not married, nor am I anywhere close to marriage, but if there is one thing I love most about weddings, it's obviously the gorgeous wedding cake. I know you know what I’m talking about. The wedding cake is one of the first things we all want a picture of at the reception. We want to know what it looks like, what makes it different, what story it tells, and, most importantly, if there is going to be enough for us to go back for seconds (and thirds).

While there are tons of ideas for spring and fall weddings — and of course, summer weddings on the beach — there aren't a ton of options for those winter wonderland weddings that take place throughout January and February. But winter weddings happen, and you can't let the cold weather fog your creativity — or your appetite for dessert.

A wedding cake is meant for more than just eating. It serves as a photo op for the bride and groom. It adds to the wedding theme, and it represents that very special night. If you or anyone you know is getting married this winter, here are 16 beautiful winter wedding cakes that go beyond the white frosting — from the extravagant Frozen-themed creation, to the simple snowflake topper.

1. Seasons of Love Cake

This beautifully ombré wedding cake tells a story — from how the couple met to the moment they said "I do," and it's all done during the winter months! (Notice the bare trees and the sweaters?) True love goes beyond summer flings and spring break trips.

2. Snowflake Cake

This snowflake cake is the perfect combination of winter elegance with a hint of color. And personally, I think going with the white roses instead of the traditional bride and groom cake topper gives it a more polished look.

3. Frozen Fairytale Cake

I think we can all agree that cartoons are not just for kids. Frozen is the perfect example. I know more grown men and women who sing the soundtrack than kids who do. Finally, there's a Disney-themed wedding for the winter months.

4. Lovely Lavender Cake

Want to add a dash of color to your winter white wedding? Do it in the cake! Make the top half of the cake match the color-scheme of the wedding, and pipe the bottom half with white flowers. The accent flowers and the tree stump platform really make this winter cake stand out.

5. Winter Forest Cake

With a few hints of red and simple wintery pine trees, this cake is an elegant testament to all the beautiful things about winter.

6. Whimsical Winter Cake

If this cake doesn't say "winter wedding," I don't know what does. It's got all the things we love about winter. Snowflakes, snowballs, icicles — it even has polar bears with scarves!

7. Swarovski Crystal Cake

Guys? This cake has crystals on it. Swarovski crystals. It doesn't get much fancier than that.

8. Holly Branch Cake

If you're going for a more minimalist wedding, this clean and chic cake is the perfect choice. Adding the tree of the season turns a simple white tiered cake into a winter cake, and of course, the lovebirds on the holly branch add a romantic sentiment.

9. DIY Winter Cake

This classy wedding cake requires just a little burlap, some pieces of pine tree, pine cones, and holly berries. Sprinkle on a dash of snow, and VOILA! You've got one elegant winter wedding cake.

10. Snow-Covered Tree Cake

Is it just me, or does this stunningly beautiful cake look like a tree covered in snow?

11. Winter Lovebirds Cake

This sweet and simple lovebird cake, outlined with pine cones and topped with a snowflake and two white feathers, is a wonderful addition to a winter wedding.

12. Snowman & Snow-Woman Cake

This wedding cake is especially perfect for those who live in a small town that gathers a lot of snow in the winter. It's a beautiful representation of warm hearts in a cold place.

13. Snow-Kissed Cake

With its light and fluffy detail, this cake would fit in perfectly with a winter theme.

14. Cable-Knit Sweater Cake

If your cake needs a cable-knit sweater, then you know it's a winter wedding. This cake says it all.

15. Ice Snowflake Cake

A winter wedding cake doesn't get more simple and chic than this. This layered cake looks like it has frosted edges, and the ice-sculpted snowflake topper adds an elegant touch for a winter wedding.

16. Blossoming White Cake

Monika Graff/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Who says you can't have over-the-top flowers at a winter wedding? Especially if the wedding date lands in between the transitional time from winter to spring. White roses are always in, so add some blossoming detail to your all-white wedding cake.

Images: Respectmahauthoritah/Imgur; victoria_made (3), Linda Marklund, Eldriva, marydoll1952/Flickr; Four Seasons HK, CakesDecor, Specialist Events, StarCupcakes, Cake Dec Heaven, Ekatyara/Twitter