Macklemore & His Fiancee Are Expecting A Baby

Who's up for a round of good old fashioned ugly crying? Curmudgeons, beware: If you'd rather remain dry-eyed, composed, and in a generally foul mood, then do yourself a favor and look away quickly because "Same Love" singer Macklemore and his fiancée Tricia Davis' baby announcement is tender enough to make the grumpiest of grumps weep uncontrollably. Per Us Weekly, the couple announced that they are expecting their first child in a heartwarming YouTube video they titled "A Surprise From Ben and Tricia."

On Saturday, Macklemore (whose real name is Ben Haggerty) tweeted a link to the video along with the message, "We wanted to share the news with you ourselves...Love Ben & Tricia." The short but sweet announcement shows the rapper and his fiancée in the middle of an ultrasound appointment where he lies beside her and lovingly strokes her hair while viewing their precious baby on the screen. The mushiness factor is intensified by Youth Lagoon's song "17" playing in the background. Sigh.

Needless to say, the couple are obviously overcome with joy, and how they managed to not melt into complete blubbering messes during the video is beyond me. Anyway, the video also reveals that their little bundle is due to arrive in May, which means that Macklemore will no longer have to worry about trick-or-treating in a cute Grandma outfit without a kid by his side.

This is great news, so congratulations are definitely in order for Macklemore and Tricia, but the couple also deserves some major props for producing what has to be the sappiest baby announcement ever.Watch Macklemore and Tricia's announcement below and don't even bother trying to fight back the tears because it's not going to work: