15 Stylish Weekender Bags That Will Inspire Your Next Getaway — Who Said You Can't Vacation in the Winter?

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There's nothing to break up the cold and dreary winter months like a good weekend getaway. Takeout and Netflix are both great — this is an irrevocable fact. But as great as they are, it's sometimes important to shake up your routine and be reminded that there's a world beyond the four walls of your house. You can jet out of town for the weekend to visit friends or family, get some quiet at a snowy cabin, or just have yourself a luxurious little staycation at a hotel. Regardless of where you're going, you'll need to pack a few outfits and other essentials. No need to break out the serious luggage: I've rounded up 15 essential weekend handbags for 2015 that will not only fit your stuff, but that are stylish accessories of their own accord. So get out that map, book that plane ticket, or find the hotel with the fluffiest robe — you're going to want to go away for the weekend. And very soon.

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