Now We Know What John Green's Next Project Is

by Alanna Bennett

We've marveled in past posts over the seemingly endless list of projects taken on by brothers John and Hank Green. So when John Green teased last week that he had yet another project in the works — and that we'd never guess who with — we prepared ourselves for more awesome. And awesome we got: It was announced earlier today that Green will be teaming up with PBS and wife Sarah Urist Green in new web series The Art Assignment. We always knew it wasn't just the brothers who are impressively enterprising.

The Art Assignment will take host Sarah Urist Green — former curator of the Indianapolis Museum of Art (or as the hip kids call it, the IMA) — and bestselling Fault in Our Stars author/popular vlogger John Green all around the country to visit artists in their workplaces.

For those familiar with Green's past web video projects, Sarah has long been lovingly referred to as "The Yeti," in reference to the fact that she is rarely if ever seen in Vlogbrothers video but "features heavily in the mythology."

Now, however, the two will join together on-camera through PBS, with Sarah taking the role of host. The project will combine John's success in educational web video (if you haven't checked out Crash Course , you really should) with Sarah's vast knowledge of and experience in the art world. As John said in a statement announcing the show, “the series will showcase contemporary art as accessible and social, rather than distant or intimidating.”

We, for our part, cannot wait. Culture and the art world with the wit and fun of a Vlogbrother? If there's any family who knows how to mix "high" culture and intelligence with memes of cats or pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch, it's the Greens.

We're just bummed we have to wait until 2014 to actually see it.

[Image: The Art Assignment/YouTube]