19 Times Embroidery Was Completely Badass

Embroidery is not just for your grandma anymore. The Etsy universe has fully embraced the demure, twee art, and they're not letting go. And that's totally fine, because the design options are essentially infinite, and I am way into it. Before the Internet's new obsession with it, the word "embroidery" probably made you think of pastel dragon flies, or maybe a sweet, but dull floral design, or blue birds chilling on a tree branch. This is not so much the case anymore: The embroidery you can now purchase is some of the most in-your-face, brash, badass art around, made even more so by the juxtaposition of those qualities against such an aesthetically and contextually "sweet" practice. It's smart, cultured, and it's super cute. It's colorful, and salty, and you will want all of it.

If you're wondering when will you possibly use something embroidered, I will have you know that embroidery art makes excellent gifts and pretty solid house decor. It's dainty and doesn't take much space, so you don't have to feel like you're really committing to something super intense. Take a look at some of these adorably awesome designs and feel yourself fall head-over-heels.

Images: Lilipoo; Tealandorange; AwesomebyJenna; Lightningheart(2); Septemberhouse; StitchCulture(2); Shutupandcraft; SewLovelyEmbroidery; MoonriseWhims(4); LadyJaneLongstitches(2); Taetia; SkeletonHell /Etsy