Are Paige & Emily Going to Last on 'PLL'?

As exciting as the fear-inducing Christmas episode was (only I. Marlene King can make the joyous season a frightful one), some Pretty Little Liars and Paily fans were left gasping for air. Will this beloved couple last? Are they headed for splitsville? Now that Paige's parents want her to move to California (because Rosewood is not safe... duh), her future with Emily looks grim. PLL Season 5B is returning Tuesday, Jan. 6 with a new episode titled "Through a Glass, Darkly," meaning we're going to get a bigger glimpse into Paily's future.

Per the episode description, the winter premiere opens up three months later and we see Emily and Paige reaching a "crossroads". What exactly does that mean? Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it doesn't sound good for the duo. According to Lijah Barasz, a writer for PLL who spoke with Alloy Entertainment, during that first episode of 5B "it's time for Paige to make that move." She added,

Emily is not at all ready to let her go, and they have some really beautiful, heartbreaking scenes. Paily has an emotional, hard-won kind of love, and it’s not something either girl will just get over and forget about. Not to mention, anyone who comes after Paige has a lot to live up to.

If that isn't foreboding enough, HollywoodLife.com obtained this premiere clip with Emily and Paige discussing their future. Emily tells Paige, “I thought three months I’d get used to the idea of you leaving, but I haven’t.” Apparently, Paige is all packed, has enough credits to leave school early, and is ready to fly off to the West Coast. If that isn't depressing enough, the two won't even get to attend prom or graduate together. With that said, we don't know for sure if Paige actually ends up leaving, but according to these interviews and clip, all signs point to Paily coming to an end.

However, even if Paige does exit Rosewood that doesn't mean she and Emily will breakup. Maybe they'll do a long-distance relationship. Then again, how long can that really last, especially when this is a TV show and PLL fans love to see our Liars fall in love and get some action? If they don't make it work, well, that's life, plus they're only teens. They have their whole lives ahead of them. Also, a split doesn't mean Paily is officially over. There's a good chance the two could find their way back to one another. If anyone can handle relationship troubles, it's these two. If we analyze it, there's a lot of negatives and positives. Anything can happen in the land of PLL.

To keep with the optimism, here are just a few more reasons why Paige and Emily can withstand their upcoming relationship troubles:

They've Faced Tough Times Before

Remember that time they had that serious talk about going off to college? Yeah, the two hit quite the rocky patch, but they still reunited.

Even Paige's Betrayal Didn't Get in Their Way

Yep, Paige so tried to drown Emily. Whatever the case, Emily forgave her and now calls her sweetheart.

They've Managed to Survive "A" and His/Her Crazy Train

Seriously, anyone who can get through the madness "A" serves up can get through living on opposite coasts.

Those Who Swim Together, Stick Together

Like a lost dolphin in the big ocean finding its way back to its family (BTW, I'm making this up. I do not know if dolphins can find their way back to their loved ones, but I like to think so), Emily and Paige would obviously swim across oceans to reunite if they're meant to be.

So, will they? Won't they? Who freaking knows, but I have no doubt that in the end Paily will live happily ever after — or I really hope so, because Paige has been my favorite out of all of Emily's love interests.

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