'Big Brother' Releases Season 15 House Photos, But What Do All the Airplanes Mean?

Just eight days before the season premiere of Big Brother, The Hollywood Reporter has published a sneak peek inside the houseguests' new home.

But first. Before the June 26 premiere of Big Brother 15, we must predict what the appearance of the house means for our incoming houseguests. What twists can we expect? What's the theme of this season?

Whereas last year we were delivered the fairly straight-forward "Coach" theme, this year has our heads in the clouds. Quite literally — based on the the photos of the house, there's a distinct aviation theme. Not only was production designer Scott Storey inspired by Catch Me If You Can 's opening credits, painting arrows around the house, but the property comes complete with a room dedicated to airplanes and another that channels LAX. See below:

"There's another element of the show that I can't really discuss," Storey tells THR. "It has a distinctive airline feeling to it. You will see that as the season plays out. The Frequent Flyer Lounge will make sense with all this other stuff going on."

So what does it all mean? Here are our best guesses:


So Storey was inspired by Catch Me If You Can. Which means he was also inspired by Frank Abagnale, Jr., the subject of the 2002 film who was also one of the most famous, and accomplished, con artists of his time. Since, in Big Brother land, no one is who or what they seem, it wouldn't be a complete leap to wonder if Season 15's cast will be full of people claiming a different identity for themselves. It would lead to an impressive, house-wide display of deception — and method acting. So long as the lies are more intriguing than Natalie's lame six-year age difference fib in Big Brother 11 (and just as hilarious as Holly's art history lie on Glass House ).

One Con-Artist

Remember Big Brother 12's ill-fated Saboteur theme? (Which was extinguished almost immediately after the first Saboteur, Annie, was evicted without houseguests even knowing her true role on the show.) No, you don't? Well, perhaps Big Brother is depending on your poor memory, and introducing a similar twist: One houseguest is a con artist who isn't who he or she says he is. Though, isn't that everyone on Big Brother?

Everyone's Retro

Big Brother has always featured a good mix of boobs and brains, but no contestants surprise us more than the more elder players, like Season 10's fun aunt Renny or surprise terrible person Jerry. Seeing how heavily Big Brother 15's house is influenced by Mad Men and the Pam Am era, can we expect a season that focuses on the Social Security set? Nah — it's likely not enough of them work as cocktail waitresses.

Everyone's In the Airline Industry

No, that's just stupid. Although, when you're waiting on the runway for 5+ hours, they do seem the most sadomasochistic of the bunch.

No Sleep

Let's face it — Big Brother doesn't want another Jessie, the Season 10 and 11 contestant who spent about as much time sleeping as he did masking his insecurities with muscle flexing. So what better way to keep our contestants awake and uncomfortable than to make them feel like they're sitting in coach? Forget Season 14's solitary confinement — here's hoping Have-Nots this year must contend with baby Zingbot kicking their chairs for 24 hours straight.

Image: CBS; THR