J. Law & Chris Martin Are Just Messing With Us Now

Everyone drop what you are doing, because Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin were actually seen in public together. And by seen in public together, I mean someone took a picture of the pair together, in public, together. The illusive romantic pair known as Martin Lawrence were so illusive that many (myself included) found it hard to believe that Lawrence and Martin were actually dating to begin with. Especially considering that all of their dates were incredibly public dates, and their coupling was met with such confusion by the general public, that the fact that someone hadn't taken a thousand grainy cell phone pictures of their every outing was near impossible. But, now, it appears that Lawrence and Martin went on a dinner date and we've got the evidence right here thanks to someone finally stepping up their photo stalking game.

The former couple went out together for New Year's Eve, enjoying what looks like a very peaceful dinner at Kiwami Sushi and, according to sources, being so buried in their conversation with one another that it was like the world around them had ceased to exist. Which, you know, is the kind of behavior I would expect a couple to exhibit when they've first started dating, or are about to start dating, not after they've broken up and Lawrence is rumored to be dating Gabe Polsky. But what do I know? I never believed they even knew each other until now.

But before we begin screaming that Martin Lawrence is back on, let's take a moment to think about this scientifically. What could the two of them have been talking about over sushi that was so important they stopped caring who was photographing them together in public? Why were the two of them together on New Year's Eve at all? What are we actually witnessing going on in this photograph? Well, I have a few ideas.

They're Actually Breaking Up

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

New Year's Eve is a time of endings, right? You're saying goodbye to the old year and looking ahead to a new beginning in the new year. For these alleged exes to be having a meal together on the final day of the year, that strikes me as a sort of closure. Lawrence may have been rumored to have been visiting Martin's Malibu home a lot, but this could be their way of making peace with that and cutting all ties. This could be the best and only picture we'll get to see of Martin Lawrence for a while, you guys.

They're Getting Back Together

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The most popular theory with regards to this dinner date is that it's proof that Martin Lawrence is back on or about to be back on. Personally, I'm skeptical, but you can't deny that it's suspicious that such an obsessively private couple would finally allow themselves to be seen out in public on a night when you're traditionally supposed to be aspiring to get a midnight kiss. Did Lawrence and Martin have a midnight kiss? The world may never know, but it could just be the first of many more...

They're Just Messing With Us

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I love J. Law, I do, but she's also a giant troll. Maybe she decided on a public dinner with Martin to get us all in a flurry in the new year. After all, the two of them are reportedly good friends despite having recently broken up, so who's to say that, now that their relationship has transitioned from private romance to public friendship, they can't spare a moment to mess with the paps and the fans? If I was a celebrity, that's all I would ever do with my time.

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