Could Teresa Be Out Early For Good Behavior?

Today is the day that Teresa Giudice reported to jail for her 15 month sentence. In 2014, Giudice was sentenced for fraud and her husband Joe Giudice was sentenced to a much lengthy time in prison, 41 months. (He will serve his sentence once Teresa has been released.) Early Monday, it was reported that Giudice started her 15 month long sentence at 3 a.m., in order to get the process started and get back to her family. The Giudice family has four daughters, all of whom are most certainly shaken by this ordeal. So with Giudice currently in prison, what are the chances that Gia, Milania, Gabriella, and Audriana will see there mom before the 15 months are over? Chances are Teresa Giudice could be released early for good behavior, as long as she doesn't flip any tables or call any officers "prostitution whores."

According to a document by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, there is a clause that allows prisoners to be released early for good conduct. According to this document, prisoners who are serving more than one year earn 42 days of credit for good conduct — 54 if they are working toward a GED diploma. Since Giudice is not likely planning on earning a GED credential, that means that she would only have to serve about 88 percent of her sentence. So out of the full 15 months (approximately 450 days), Giudice could be out in 13 months (approximately 396 days).

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Now, this is assuming that Giudice is well behaved while in prison (I don't see her really risking an extended sentence, but this is Teresa Giudice — RHONJ's hot-tempered fan favorite). She wouldn't be the first celebrity to be released from prison for good behavior. In 2010, Lil Wayne was released from prison for good behavior after eight months (sentenced to a year), following weapons charges.

Another notable celebrity who was going to get a reduction on time in prison was Paris Hilton during her 2007 incarceration. At first, Hilton's sentence was 45 days, which was reduced to 23 days if she showed good conduct. The sentence was extended back to 45 days, but Hilton was able to fulfill the days at her home.

As reported earlier, Giudice arrived early to begin her sentence, so if that is any indication of how she will serve her time in prison, there is a chance we could see her back in New Jersey sooner than the planned 15 months.

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