Who is Macklemore's Fiancée?

I'll be honest and say that I was never quite impressed with Macklemore's music after he hit it big with "Thrift Shop." I felt like we've all seen this same instance of white-boy-making-safe-hip-hop, but hey, the people loved him and there was no denying that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were going to be around for a minute. But I will also admit, that baby announcements and star-crossed love stories will always be irresistible to me, and in light of Macklemore's recent baby news, I was interested to find out who Tricia Davis is besides Macklemore's fiancée who has been with the man for more than seven years!

After I recovered from the emotional overhaul that was their adorable baby announcement video, in which the duo stared lovingly at a screen during their sonogram, it was obvious that this is a couple that is deeply in love. I also secretly love to see a grown man become a teary-eyed mess when looking at his future spawn because why not. After some extensive lurking into Macklemore and his lady love, I discovered that he's always been quite open in sharing their story and how important Davis is to his success.

The happy couple and parents-to-be have been engaged since January 2013, and Macklemore shared the exciting news via Instagram, saying, "After 7 years... I asked. And she said yes. The love of my life." COLLECTIVE SIGHS.

So, that would put them meeting at around 2006, which was a very intense time for Macklemore as he was was struggling with alcohol and substance abuse. In an interview with Billboard, the rapper shared that he entered rehab for OxyContin abuse soon after meeting his creative partner Ryan Lewis, and it was around that time that he also met Davis.

In an interview with Telos Studios in 2013, Macklemore was asked about how social media and the Internet has helped his career. He answered: "I met my girlfriend through MySpace, who I’ve been with for a long time. So MySpace was huge in my life!" BRB, I need to freshen up my OKCupid profile...

The Billboard interview also states that Davis was a former nurse, and in an interview back in 2011 with Seattle Weekly, she confirmed that being a nurse came into play seeing as she's also Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' video producer, stylist, and tour manager because "first aid is always in order!" Since then, Davis has been a crucial part of their success and last January, Macklemore spoke about Davis while he was on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show:

My fiancee was with me when we were printing out 20 t-shirts at a time at a show with 15 people there... She's been with us every step of the way. She produces the music videos and is our tour manager. She's been there since the beginning.

And as with most relationships, things have not always been sunshine and roses. Being a recovering drug addict and living the life of a touring artist, Macklemore has been open in sharing his struggles, and lucky for him, his fiancé has always believed in him and stood by his side. She told ABC News,

When you fall in love with a drug addict, totally can't-afford-anything guy, and your mom is asking you what the heck you're doing, I mean, there is a reason why you're — I knew from the first time I saw him perform I was like, "He has that potential."

Now, that's love and I've got some respect for Macklemore and Davis for being hard working individuals who made their dreams come true, regardless of any obstacles. Congrats to the happy couple!

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