35 Celebrities Who Married Young — Did Their Love Last?

By Kaitlin Reilly
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As a recent college graduate, I have a mini panic attack every time one of my former classmates announces their plans to walk down the aisle. Don't get me wrong — who am I to judge the decision of two consenting adults to get hitched? I'm all for Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tasha McCauley's recent nuptials. Still, it's a little scary to think that there are people prepared to take a very adult step so shortly after they were allowed to legally drink. It shows a confidence in their relationship that few people have in their early 20s. Of course, my Facebook friends aren't alone; plenty of Hollywood celebrities have walked down the aisle before the age of 24. Click through to read about which celebs tied the knot early on — and who made their love last.

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