Where is Cameron Diaz Getting Married?

After George Clooney tying the knot, I believe that any notorious bachelor can settle down. And this also applies to one of the most famous bachelorettes, Cameron Diaz. Diaz has been adamant about having no desire to be married, and now she is reportedly marrying Benji Madden on Monday night! The couple has only been dating for seven months, and in that short time, they have been photographed doing all kinds outdoorsy things and going on vacations. So I wonder where Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden will get married. Will it be in a tropical location? Will they get married on actual surfboards? I could definitely see them doing something outside.

The couple allegedly had their wedding rehearsal on Jan. 4 in Beverly Hills, Calif., and it looks like they are going to stick to the same city for their wedding ceremony. It has been reported that the duo plans to tie the knot at Diaz's mansion in Beverly Hills. According to TMZ, there have been wedding vendors at the actress' home all day including ones from The Velvet Garden florists, Classic Party Rentals, and Beverage Warehouse. That seems like a pretty solid confirmation to me.

Getting married at the Diaz mansion sounds ideal. This way they can control the privacy and prevent any unwanted photos from leaking, and it's personal and intimate since it's her home. They can party as hard as they want since her bedroom is just upstairs and they don't have to worry about getting home. On the other hand, it is a movie star's mansion. It has to be a very nice house. It will definitely be an elegant affair. Plus since it's Diaz's house everything will already correspond to her taste.

Congratulations to the couple! I can't wait to hear more news about the wedding!