Busy Women are Turning to Male Escorts for Commitment Free Flirting, Hook-ups, and Sex

As lifestyles of young women get busier and faster, engaging in traditional forms of relationships and dating is becoming slightly less common while male escort services are experiencing more traffic than ever before, The Daily Beast reports. Paying for some arm candy who may be polite and charming "in the streets" but a freak "in the sheets" is no longer something only men have access to. Take it from Garren James, owner and founder of Cowboys4Angels an escort site exclusively for women, who believes that it's "chauvinistic to say women aren't able to, or can’t afford to, or...don't have the balls" to hire male escorts. Addressing the need or desire for it was an important part of the business plan which, according to the service's website, wants to cater to the most "discerning, exclusive woman who expects the best."

The "cowboys" are available for rent (purchase? borrowing? hire?) in most major cities including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Florida, Austin, Orlando, and Nashville. Similarly to sugar-daddy websites like What's Your Price or Seeking Arrangements, male escort sites including Cowboys4Angels aren't technically charging for sex because that would be prostitution which is very illegal in the United States. The monetary exchange is done on the basis of "companionship" but, of course, it's pretty easy to do stuff away from the prying eyes of the law (which in my case may or may not be torrenting the new Taylor Swift album and listening to it an amount of times that should probably be illegal).

So, ladies, if you've got lots of disposable income, prefer a romantic/sexual partner who is male, want a one-night stand, no-strings attached relationship with a tan person who has chiseled abs and an intoxicating smile, there's really no reason not to try the service out. More power to you.