Who Are the Ruckers from 'Love Thy Sister'? Basically, the Kardashians of South Carolina

Move over Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney, 'cause there's a new trio of cute and sassy sisters on reality TV. Love Thy Sister 's Ruby, Ione, and Ellen Rucker may not have alliterative names or famous badonkadonks, but otherwise they're pretty much the South Carolina-fied version of the Kardashian family. And once their new show, Love Thy Sister , hits WeTV on Jan. 8, we'll all be saying "Kim who?" In fact, Love Thy Sister comes from the producers of Keeping up with the Kardashians, so you know it'll be chock full of dramatic events, silly moments, and sisterly bonding.

Even though the lives of the Rucker sisters do seem eerily similar to the most famous reality family of all time, there are some key differences to point out. First, don't expect these women to display too many ditzy moments: every Rucker sibling has earned some sort of higher degree (Ione has her Masters in Elementary Education, Ruby is a lawyer, and Ellen works as a chiropractor). And second, though they do come from a famous family, the Ruckers are known for their work in education, not the glamorous world of celebrity defense law. But even though the stars of Love Thy Sister aren't yet Hollywood royalty or adopting SoCal accents, these families still have a lot in common.

How similar are the Ruckers and the Kardashians? Let's find out.

They're Both Big Families

Even though Love Thy Sister focuses on Ruby, Ellen, and Ione, there are five other Rucker siblings in the family (who will probably appear throughout the show). Ellen says her parents, Doug and Ruby, wanted 12 children, but only ended up with eight. I mean, once you've got that many babies, what's another four? Kris Kardashian, in contrast, only has a measly six kids to her name (plus four Jenner stepchildren). Bonus points if you can name them all.

And Have History with NBA Players

Both Kim and Khloe were married to famous NBA players — though neither of those relationships worked out very well, as you probably heard. Ione and Ellen too, were at one time both married to basketball stars: Antawn Jamison and Vince Carter, respectively. Unfortunately, neither of those relationship lasted either. Like Kim, Ellen also traded up from her first marriage: she's now in a four-year relationship with South Carolina state congressman Bakari Sellers.

You Can Buy Both of Their Beauty Products

We all know that Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney have a makeup brand (though unfortunately, purchasing a product from Kardashian Beauty doesn't automatically result in a new set of sharp cheekbones or full lips. For those items, you've got to be born with Kardashian DNA). What you might not have known is that the Rucker sisters are also in the beauty biz. According to their WeTV bios, they've started a company called Rucker Roots, an all-natural haircare line featuring products made from "the roots of [their] father’s garden."

Images: EllenRuckerCarter/Instagram; Giphy (2); SoYeahDuh/Tumblr