Kim's Style is About To Change

It's the first monday of the new year, and because that sucks about as much as a worldwide Nutella shortage, we need to lighten the mood by giving you your daily dose of ridiculous. Kim Kardashian is redoing her wardrobe for 2015 (with Kanye's help, duh), so obviously those two are getting the ball rolling on some pretty big world issues to start off 2015.

Kim's style has noticeably evolved (mostly for the better), since her marriage to Kanye West, but let's be real — the fashion forward rapper is not going to let his wife hit a plateau and become boring, or worse, predictable. Kardashian tweeted Monday that both she and her husband Kanye were "up all night" redoing her wardrobe for 2015, because it's obviously an issue so pressing that it would require pulling an all nighter. While I'm sure her new style will still include plenty of Givenchy (and will not include any pilgrim or "omish" outfits), I'm anxious to see what new, Kanye approved vision these two have in store for us. And if any of Kanye's past stages of style will be an influencer on Kim's new look, then things might be about to get really interesting.

So which Kanye stage will he have Kim channel? My money's on the "Kan Draper" stage:

With his suits and ties, Kanye tried to make hip hop classy in 2010, and I think after all the Kris Jenner idiocy/Kardashian family drama surrounding his wife, bringing a little class back might not be too bad of an idea. But how sweet would it be if they channeled the "Yeezycognito" stage?

Here's hoping.

Images: Getty Images; KimKardashian/Twitter, QwikGistNG/Twitter, skylarbergl/Twitter