Hail The "Sport Fishing Enthusiast" on 'The Bach'

Generally, by the time The Bachelor introduces "the drunk girl" on limo night, we know to count that girl out. After all, the last drunk woman we saw on this show fell down a flight of stairs and kept talking about Fifty Shades of Grey. When women get too loose, the show often makes sure edit them into unlikeable messes, prepackaged for elimination. And call me crazy, but I don't think slightly drunk "Sport Fishing Enthusiast" Tara is Bachelor roadkill. And despite the cheesy line about her boyfriends being three brands of whiskey, I kind of like her.

First, Tara showed up in the limo wearing her usual get-up: daisy dukes, cowboy boots, and a plaid shirt. On a show where glitter is so prevalent that I'm fairly certain I still have some stuck to my eyeballs from way back in Jason Mesnick's season, it was kinda cool to see this girl shirk the format to show her true self.

When she swapped to a classic LBD, it proved she was willing to at least attempt to play the game, so there was a part of me that felt a little vengeance on her part after so many women gave her daisy dukes the stink eye.

Then came the whiskey. And then more whiskey. Tara was slurring her words throughout the second half of the premiere and I started to worry that the producers were going to make her just "that drunk girl." Unfortunately, Tara was a little more than just that drunk girl. She was the drunk girl that made Chris so upset he had to leave the rose ceremony. But, he had to leave the rose ceremony to decide whether or not he should give her a second chance — he really like her before Jameson got involved.

Look, I agree that getting schwasted isn't exactly the best way to find out if Chris is your one and only, but if I'm being honest, I'm not sure I'd be able to keep my cool in a room of 30 women fighting for the same dude while the alcohol is free and flowing.

This isn't a good look, Tara, but hell, I can't blame you. This competition is damn near hopeless. And thank goodness Chris can see that sometimes people make mistakes when they're put into ridiculous situations because he gave Tara another chance and a rose — but he also gave that seemingly insane person Ashley S. a rose, so who knows where all this is going.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC