'The Bachelor' Is Getting Icky This Season

It could be the result of some very creative editing, but it seems that there will be a major scandal on Season 19 of The Bachelor. After showing practically every woman on the show breaking down in tears over, and over, and over again, the Chris Soules' Bachelor promo seemed to deliver the goods (albeit the goods that make us all feel kinda icky): Chris appears to have sex before the Fantasy Suite this season... and it might (here comes the part you're not going to like) be that someone's first time.

After hearing chatter about one girl being a virgin and not being ready for the fantasy suite while more images of crying women gets spliced between images of Chris making out with a brunette, we finally see someone sneaking into Chris' tent. And that's when sounds not unlike the telltale Joe Millionaire slurp of yore play over the scene. What happened? Well, from the looks of the women's ensuing reactions, I'm going to say sex. Big time.

After all of that nonsense, we see Ashley I. — who was shown making out with Chris earlier in the promo and who could very likely be the mystery brunette in his tent — screaming at Chris and crying, saying that he "doesn't understand" before storming off. Then other women, like Britt the current frontrunner, begin crying and casting doubt on Chris as a potential husband. This would explain why some sites have predicted that this season will get "so ugly, so unexpected, we feel like we’ve been Juan Pablo’d all over again."

As gross as the whole ordeal is to even acknowledge, it would stand to reason that the series' producers included the virgin talk in the promo for a reason and that Chris does something pretty bad this season. Whether or not he does the right thing after the fact will be the next big question.

And dear God, I hope he does. It's the only way I can make peace with my damn near incomprehensible addiction to this insane show.

Promo video coming soon.

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC