Kate Moss' Spring 2015 Matchless Motorcycle Couture Ads Show Her Biker Babe Side

Has Kate Moss aged, like, a day since bursting on the modeling scene in the '90s? The supermodel continues to look totally ageless, what with her perfect bone structure and all that. She's also "matchless," quite literally: Kate Moss remains the face of Matchless, a British motorcycle brand. The clothing arm was launched back in Fall 2013 by Manuele and Michele Malenotti, and Moss is a total, rough 'n' tumble biker babe in the Spring 2015 campaign.

But not only does Kate the Great appear in the ads, but she also styled them. Matchless is certainly getting its money's worth when one of the most famous models offers up a dual role on set.

The campaign was shot by Mert and Marcus, who are pretty much the fashion photographers of the moment, in Ibiza, a favored locale of dance music fans. They've captured the essence of Moss, who has always been a bit rock 'n' roll and rebellious, and the dry, dusty landscape reminds you of the wide, open road.

Moss has repped the Matchless clothing line for four seasons — basically, since it launched. The actual Matchless motorcycle brand is 115 years old.

These moto ads are true to the spirit of a biker x rocker culture and imaging, with lots of leather, bedhead, and smoky eye makeup.

Nothing says "biker babe" like pyramid studs...

...or a leather vest. Those high-waisted pants, though. Those are insanely chic. I'm also super ready to copy Moss' brown smoky eye and her nude, matte lips.

Images: Matchless (2)