A Timeline Of Brandi & Lisa's 'RHOBH' Feud

Have you ever gotten into a fight with someone that has been dragged out for so long, you don't even remember what you're fighting about, you just know you're really mad at them? That's how I feel about the feud between Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills . I truly don't think these women even remember what it is that they are feuding about, but the increasing amount of tension between them has created an environment where they just can't turn back and be friends again.

For Lisa, she has run out of olive branches to extend to Brandi at this point (although I have to say, it takes two to tango Ms. Vanderpump, so I think it's time you ask for some branches from Brandi's leggy tree). Brandi has increasingly been trying to smooth things over with Lisa ("Her and Ken were like family" ICYMI), but then she says something that just doesn't sit right with the majority of Lisa's face, and voila, back to the start.

In case you've had more important things to tend to than keeping track of the feud between Lisa and Brandi on RHOBH, I have summed up the need-to-knows of the Great Feud of Beverly Hills: Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville Edition (there are many editions, because this is Bravo, and Bravo's number one lifeline is drama, followed by Andy Cohen's facial expressions).

Season 3

So not much visible tension started in Season 3 between Lisa and Brandi. In fact, they were great, great friends, but there was something that happened that would be sourced later by Brandi, so it's worth bringing up. In the midst of Season 3, Brandi sat down with Scheana (DUH DUH DUUUUH) and talked about how Scheana was the woman that Brandi's ex, Eddie, was with and why would Brandi like her? Clearly, I'm also OB-sessed with Vanderpump Rules, but I take Brandi's side on this. Some people you just don't need to talk with and smooth things over with, and your ex-husband's ex-girlfriend is one of those people.

The reason this is important to the Lisa and Brandi feud is because Brandi later cites it as a reason why she felt Lisa was using her. By sitting down with Scheana, Brandi allowed the Vanderpump Rules world to mesh with the RHOBH world, giving more publicity to Lisa's (then) new show.

Season 4

Right off the bat of Season 4, the Scheana demons are revisited when Lisa has Scheana help serve at the party she is hosting in the first episode. Again, this is Bravo's way of meshing the two shows together (whenever this happens, we get a 30-minute interlude of Vanderpump Rules, and it's annoying). Obviously, Scheana's presence at Lisa's party is upsetting to Brandi.

Later on, Lisa asks Brandi to sit down with Scheana AGAIN. At this point, what do they possibly have to talk about? What cell phone carrier they use? Brandi doesn't understand why she needs to keep doing this for Lisa (it really is for Lisa), and Brandi really wants Lisa to not have Scheana in her life. Lisa (throughout the entire season) objects to this.

Before a fun trip to Puerto Rico — and by fun I mean, only one person left early due to arguing — Brandi tells Kyle Richards (note: Kyle and Lisa's friendship was struggling) that Lisa wants to take Kyle down. This hurts Lisa, as she claims she never said it, so why would Brandi say that about her? This is one of the largest components of why Lisa is mad at Brandi — yet, Brandi is the one Lisa expects an apology from... OK, Lisa.

At the reunion of Season 4, the Brandi and Lisa relationship goes from bad to "OMG, this is so hard to watch, but I can't look away" bad. Brandi feels like Lisa abandoned her for Scheana, and Lisa just can't say that she would pick Brandi over Scheana (if she did say it, it was not convincing). Ken comes in — of course with Giggy — and tells Brandi he doesn't think he can accept her back into his life. OUCH. Even I felt the pain on that one.

Season 5

Which brings us to now. Everything is awkward about the White Party that Kyle hosts, and Brandi and Lisa are no exception. After badgering Lisa about coming to her housewarming party — how is Brandi supposed to know how many appetizers to get if she doesn't have a head count, ugh — Lisa shows up and it doesn't go entirely bad. Everyone is nice for a change, but really... is the friendship even savable at this point?

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