'RHOBH' Lisa Attends Brandi's Housewarming Party

by Laura Rosenfeld

There was a promise made earlier this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills . Brandi Glanville pledged to turn over a new leaf and be all about the positivity. Now seven episodes in to Season 5 of RHOBH, I was starting to wonder when we were actually going to see Brandi turn on some of that positivity. Finally, during the Dec. 30 episode of RHOBH, Brandi made good on that promise at her much-talked about housewarming party and with the help of Lisa Vanderpump, no less.

To recap, during Season 4 of RHOBH, Brandi and Lisa had a falling out the size of Lisa Rinna's lips. Since the two had been so close ever since Brandi joined the show, Brandi and Lisa were obviously very hurt about the whole ordeal. It seemed like it was going to take a lot of time before the pair would be like sisters once again.

However, Brandi wanted to unfairly speed things along. She kept pushing for a resolution with Lisa before truly making the effort to work things out. Lisa was not having this, especially when Brandi continuously prodded Lisa to RSVP "Yes" to her upcoming housewarming party. Girl's got to have a head count, I guess.

With all of that baggage, it seemed very unlikely that Lisa would actually show up to Brandi's housewarming party. Well, it would have seemed that way if you had never seen a reality show before. That's just not how things work, especially not with the Housewives.

Still, Brandi and Lisa's fellow Housewives were shocked that Ms. Vanderpump showed up at the party. A predictable reality TV plot line or not, I was still looking forward to a major showdown between Brandi and Lisa. When Lisa handed Brandi that congratulatory bottle of champagne, I thought she might clock her with it. What? Too much?

OK, so I didn't really want to see any violence between these two ladies, but I thought we would at least get some harsh words. Unfortunately, it was very civil between the two. They both agreed to let the past be in the past, move on, and finally embrace that positivity that Brandi yammered on about this season.

Lisa admitted that she initially hadn't planned on attending Brandi's housewarming party, but she decided that if she didn't show up, she would be feeding into the negativity of the situation and the speculation about her relationship with Brandi. Well, that's a good reason, I guess.

However, there was plenty of passive aggressive behavior and side-eye to be had. Lisa half-jokingly blamed Brandi's parents for how she acts, such as her offensive and insulting behavior. But even Brandi's mom acknowledged that she can be mouthy and hurtful, so hey, we can't really blame Lisa here, can we? Then there was this whole thing where Brandi sarcastically accused Lisa of not genuinely kissing her. Oh, these two.

To be honest, I'm kind of exhausted with this whole feud. Either have it out already or get back to the fun and bubbly dynamic duo that you two once were. This isn't fun for anyone.

Images: Nicole Weingart/Bravo; realitytvgifs (2)/Tumblr