28 Co-Stars Who Didn't Get Along With Their Onscreen BFFs

There is nothing fans love more than watching their favorite TV BFFs be adorable onscreen. Unfortunately, what you see on TV isn't always how things play out in the real world. These characters may have played ride-or-die best friends on the small screen, but when the cameras stopped rolling, these actors weren't exactly buddy-buddy with their onscreen pal. While some actors could take or leave their co-stars, others absolutely loathed the person they shared the screen with — which made their fake friendship all the more impressive. Click through to read about TV BFFs who weren't quite so friendly in real life.

Victoria Justice

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The star of the upcoming MTV series Eye Candy admits that she wouldn’t want to have a sleepover with her former Victorious co-star — despite the fact that they played BFFs Tori and Cat on the series.

Ariana Grande

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Though the co-stars were close in the early days of their Nickelodeon sitcom, things got tense in 2013 when Victorious ended. Grande accused Justice of not wanting to continue the show via Twitter, and Justice fired back at Grande to “#StopBeingAPhony.” Justice recently told Seventeen Magazine that though there’s no more drama between the girls, she wouldn’t exactly invite her to hang out — even though she does wish her well.

Sarah Jessica Parker

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The Sex and the City girls had the friendship women everywhere wanted, but things weren’t always so friendly behind the scenes.

Kim Cattrall

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According to reports, the two co-stars often butted heads on the set of their HBO show, especially after Cattrall learned that Parker was making more money than the other actresses.

Leighton Meester

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Thankfully, these two co-stars never got as catty as the characters they portrayed on TV.

Blake Lively

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How fitting is it that the alleged end of Lively and Meester’s friendship comes from a gossip website? According to Perez Hilton, the Gossip Girl co-stars were chilly to one another during the last two seasons of their CW drama and were happy to move on from their once-friendship. What sealed the deal? Allegedly, Meester was annoyed that Lively didn’t reach out to Meester to congratulate her on her engagement to Adam Brody.

Chad Michael Murray

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These One Tree Hill co-stars were not exactly thrilled with one another’s presence — despite working together for years.

Sophia Bush

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Here’s one reason why you should never hook up with a co-star — you might have to work with them for years after your divorce. Bush and Murray wed in 2005, but went through a super messy breakup five months later. Unfortunately, their characters were still quite fond of one another — the fictional Lucas and Brooke remained close friends after their own breakup, which is something the actors just couldn’t do.

George Takei

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It looks like there was more arguing on the USS Enterprise than we thought.

William Shatner

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Star Trek’s Captain Kirk and Mr. Sulu got along swimmingly onscreen, but weren’t exactly pals off it. In fact, they pretty much hated each other. Takei has blasted Shatner for having a “huge ego,” and Shatner has said that he has “nothing but pity” for Takei. When it was time for Takei to invite his former co-stars to his wedding, Shatner didn’t score an invite — not exactly a surprise.

Jennie Garth

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Long before there was trouble on the Gossip Girl set, this feud happened.

Shannen Doherty

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Beverly Hills, 90210 co-stars Doherty and Garth played BFFs Brenda and Kelly, but offscreen Garth admits that there were times when they wanted to “claw each other’s eyes out.” As adults, the actresses get along far better, and even hung out together in Las Vegas.

Lauren Graham

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Brace yourselves, Gilmore Girls fans — you aren’t going to like this one.

Scott Patterson

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There were rumors that the real-life Luke was even more difficult than the grumpy (but still awesome) diner owner he played onscreen — so much so that it pushed the actress who played his onscreen BFF and love interest Lorelei away. Graham admitted that they weren’t “best friends” in 2005, but that it didn’t bother her that much.

Teri Hatcher

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The core of Desperate Housewives may have been female friendship but that didn’t mean the girls had to get along as well offscreen.

Marcia Cross... and the Rest of the Cast)

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Rumor has it that no one in the Desperate Housewives cast was particularly fond of Hatcher, who allegedly kept to herself and acted cold towards her co-stars. But it was Cross who took the biggest public issue with Hatcher, allegedly threatening to walk off the set of their Vanity Fair photo shoot if Hatcher was placed front and center.

Gillian Anderson

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The stars of The X-Files didn’t always see eye to eye.

David Duchovny

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Though the actors who played Scully and Mulder get along well today, Duchovny admits that there was a time when they couldn’t stand to be around one another.

Bea Arthur

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Things weren’t always so golden between these girls.

Betty White

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Arthur and White’s characters didn’t always get along on Golden Girls, but at the end of the day, they loved one another — not exactly true offscreen. According to White, the now-late Arthur didn’t like White’s unfailingly positive attitude and was pissed that she was nominated for an Emmy before Arthur was.

Alyssa Milano

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Milano allegedly feuded with this notoriously difficult co-star.

Shannen Doherty

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It would surprise no one from the Beverly Hills, 90210 cast that Doherty appears yet again on this list. Though Doherty and Milano played sisters and BFFs on Charmed, there was a ton of conflict offscreen between the co-stars, which ultimately led to Doherty getting kicked off the series.

Lea Michele

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There was more drama on the set of Glee than there was in the choir room after solo auditions.

Naya Rivera

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Rivera and Michele may play best frenemies on Glee, but rumor has it that these two co-stars actually loathe one another. According to reports, Rivera was fed up with Michele’s “diva-like” attitude and called her out on it, which led to a whole lotta drama the rest of the season — and it may even be the reason why Rivera was written out of the show’s finale.

Kirk Cameron

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Before he was “saving Christmas,” Cameron was accusing his Growing Pains co-star of being morally unsound.

Julie McCullough

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Christian Cameron picked a fight with the actress who played his fiancee on Growing Pains after learning that she had done a centerfold for Playboy. Let’s just say that it was reallllly hard for McCullough to keep pretending to be in love with Cameron after that.

Audrina Patridge

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This former Hills girl wasn’t as close to her reality show co-star as one might think.

Lauren Conrad

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Most people don’t realize that Patridge and Conrad actually became friends for the reality show — so it’s not very surprising that when the show was over, they went their separate ways. Patridge admitted in 2012 that there was a bit of a “falling out” between her and Conrad, and now they’re content to do their own things.