12 TV Shows To Watch on Netflix with Your Best Friend No Matter the Occasion

Does anyone remember what life was like before Netflix existed? Even the idea of such thing seems to shake me to my very core. (Or maybe that’s due to the fact that my heat isn’t on and it’s the middle of November? Thanks, landlord!) Either way, a no-Netflix world is still a scary concept to consider, and one that thankfully we no longer have to worry about. In fact, subscribers have never been more spoiled, especially in light of the recent news that Friends will be streaming on Netflix starting in 2015. Just think of all the fun binge-watching sessions you’ll be able to plan with your friends throughout the upcoming year! Could you BE anymore excited? (The correct answer is, of course: No, no you could not.) But before that glorious day comes, don’t fret, for there are still plenty of TV shows currently on Netflix worth watching with your BFFs.

Some that, funny enough, even involve a group of friends spending an obscene amount of time at a New York City hang out establishment. So until Friends makes its grand debut, these Netflix favorites are guaranteed to be there for you and your close group of friends. Let the bingeing commence!

How I Met Your Mother

Sure, I could make a bunch of Friends comparisons about this show until I’m blue in the face, but that’s not to say the CBS comedy doesn’t have its own unique storyline to bring to the table as well. Whether you’re debating on who the Marshall and Lily couple of your friend group is or simply throwing popcorn at the TV screen after that train wreck of an ending, there’s no doubt you and your BFF would make some great memories watching the series unfold. Some might even say the experience would be legen — WAIT FOR IT — dary.

Gossip Girl

Ever wonder what it would be like to live the high life in NYC? Gossip Girl proves that the glitz and glamour of Upper East Side living is almost as fabulous as the drama found inside those penthouse walls. But if you really need more convincing than this, let me just say two words to you: Chuck Bass. This character takes the idea of swooning to a whole new level. You know you love him. Xoxo.

Pretty Little Liars

Nothing brings a friendship closer together than when it’s wrapped up in secrets, lies, and murder. You and your BFF will spend countless hours trying to decide who’s hotter, Ezra or Toby (it’s Ezra BTW); which characters are actually trustworthy (spoiler alert: none of them); and who the heck “A” really is. (Good luck with that.) Just take this fact to the grave — you’ll both become completely obsessed with the show in no time. Shh, don’t tell anyone.

New Girl

Epic bromances… fantastic ‘shipping pairs… hilarious hijinks — that’s everything you can expect from New Girl and more. Sure, the sitcom has hit a few bumps along the way plot-wise and poor Winston still has yet to receive a good story arc, but in general this show gets two thumbs up in the friendship department and leaves you with some solid catchphrases you’ll be using with your friends for years to come. Douchebag jars for everyone!


Vampires may be all the rage these days, but before those supernatural creatures came to the small screen, there was the Power of Three. These sister witches could kick some serious demon ass like no other and prove just how strong sisterhood really is. Not to mention the serious amount of eye candy these ladies were able to attract. (#PiperandLeo4eves)

Parks and Recreation

First of all, anything involving Amy Poehler should automatically be considered BFF material. Second of all, this show has a superbly high appreciation for waffles, which I think we should all strive to emulate. And lastly, it founded one of the greatest fake holidays of all time: Galentine’s Day. A day that completely centers around ladies celebrating ladies. Can it get any better than that? Ovaries before brovaries = words to live by.

The Vampire Diaries

It doesn’t matter if you’re Team Damon or Team Stefan (though you should always be Team Damon), this series will spawn many a late night chats with your BFF, trying to decipher the complicatedly wonderful world Julie Plec has created for us. Not to mention the countless hours you’ll sit there pondering which Ian Somerhalder facial expression you prefer more. (Correct answer: all of them.)

That ‘70s Show

The sheer knowledge of knowing that Kelso and Jackie eventually end up together in real life should be enough to commence days’ worth of squealing. But the entire premise of the show alone is worth tuning into with your closest friends. You may not have grown up in the ‘70s yourself, but you can still appreciate/relate to all of the obstacles life throws at these teens.


Complicated love triangles aside, this compelling account of history (with a CW flare) makes for a truly captivating series — one that you’ll want to talk about after each and every episode. (And here we thought history was boring.) Plus, don’t forget about the clothes. Those gorgeous (albeit historically inaccurate) clothes.

One Tree Hill

Growing up is never easy, but as this show proves, you can get through almost anything as long as you have your close friends by your side. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll not want to be anything other than what you’ve been trying to be lately.


This is a series that prides itself on spontaneous dance/singing parties, which is pretty much a core requirement for all friendships. You won’t be able to stop yourselves from grabbing your finest hairbrush and joining in.

Grey’s Anatomy

I think we can all agree that there’s no better person to watch this show with than “your person.”

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