Lena Dunham is Not Engaged to Jack Antonoff, But She is Wearing a Commitment Ring of Another Sort

Just because someone is wearing a ring on that particular finger doesn't mean he or she is engaged. And that also goes for famous actresses. Lena Dunham is not engaged to Jack Antonoff. Last Tuesday, Dunham sparked engagement rumors when she shared an Instagram photo showing rings on her ring finger, but the actress is putting those rumors to bed. She spoke with Cosmopolitan.com denying the news and revealed how her boyfriend reacted,

He was, like, "My mom called asking if we were engaged?" She was, like, on him. I also just want to say that if we were going to get engaged, we would be more creative than to do it on New Year's Eve. You don't want to be basic.

Even though she's not yet walking down the aisle with her man doesn't mean Dunham isn't committed to someone... like her best friend and Girls' executive producer, Jenni Konner, who also spoke with the website. Konner said,

This is the most hilarious thing. We have friendship rings, they're a stack of three, we both wear them. We both wear them on that finger because that's the finger they fit on, and those are our friendship rings. When they announced that she was wearing an engagement ring, I was, like, "Yeah, [she's engaged] ... to me."
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Dunham also chimed in about her BFF and said,

Yeah! We're engaged to continue to work together for the rest of our lives... And it's funny, because I have a ring that my boyfriend gave me that I wear on my right hand, which, like, clearly no one gives a s--t about... It's a diamond. And everyone was, like, let's ignore that diamond and focus on this stack of three rings. But, yeah, it is very funny. I definitely have the feeling, like, slow news day, dude?

Hey, if you're going to have a long-term relationship with someone who better than your best friend? That's the kind of true love I'm talking about.

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