Farrah's Lips Are Going Through a Rough Time

by Lia Beck

Oh, Farrah Abraham, how I love hearing from you! I know it might sound strange, but every time a Farrah Abraham story comes into my life it's always something delightfully absurd like a music video that features a singing Twitter profile pic or some seriously confusing views on how books are written. Well, Farrah's latest headlining story does not disappoint when it comes to absurdity, but it is absolutely terrifying. Farrah Abraham's lips are going through a hard time right now — by which I mean they are swollen beyond belief and making me want to leave the Internet forever.

According to E! Online, Farrah got lip injections and had a bad reaction. While the Teen Mom star doesn't say that injections were specifically the cause of her issue, she did tweet, "Girlfriends don't say I didn't warn ya ! #BOTCHED California #ER #fixit." Well, that sounds about right.

Farrah is, obviously, totally fine with everyone knowing about her massively swollen lips as she shared a couple of pictures with silly captions on Twitter. Why she would want anyone to know about this is beyond me — just kidding! It's probably because she enjoys being famous and wants to lure people to her Twitter page where they will see promotions for her club appearances and sex toys which include what seem to be plastic recreations of her genitals. OH GOD, FARRAH, WHY DID YOU MAKE ME LOOK AT YOUR TWITTER?!?! MY EYES!!!

Ahem. Anyway, it seems Farrah is taking her lip issues in stride, as is her way. Seriously, this girl doesn't seem to let anything get her down, and for that I must respect her. Er... yeah.

Obviously, the lip pictures are pretty bad and the whole situation looks very painful, so I sincerely wish Farrah the best with her recovery. Now, please excuse me while I go wash out my eyes with acid and drink away the memories of Farrah's sex toys and swollen lips. Until next time, Farrah. Until next time.