Lisa Vanderpump Has a Pet Accessories Line

Here’s a not at all inane tidbit about me: I haven’t set a default homepage for either web browser I use on my laptop. Just never got around to it. Until Tuesday evening, that is. My new default homepage: the Vanderpump Pets website. Y’all. I love pet accessories. I really love over-the-top pet accessories. And I really, really love Real Housewives Beverly Hills stars Lisa Vanderpump and Giggy the Pom (aka the most stylish pooch this side of the Mississippi). A Lisa Vanderpump pet accessories line? Are you kidding me? That is nothing short of a dream come true.

It isn't just an online store, mind you. It's an experience. There’s the welcome video from Lisa. There’s the letter from Giggy the Pom. There’s the endless stream of Giggy photos. There is an audio message from Lisa on every page. There's a 2015 commemorative Giggy Vanderpump Gold Collar. And everything is GORGEOUS.

But it's not all just fun 'n' sparkle 'n' fashion. As Giggy writes in his welcome letter, Vanderpump Pets will donate "a paw-tion of the proceeds to our favorite dog charities."

So, what glamorous things can you spend your hard-earned simoleons on? Anything from one of the THREE collections: the Casual Collection, the Custom Collection, and the Diamond Collection. I thought the Diamond Collection was my favorite (the luxury!), until I saw this little beauty from the Custom Collection. If I had a dog, I would buy that Vanderpump Diamond Fringe Collar SO FAST.

You're right, Giggy. I should just go ahead and order it for my future pup.

Image: gif-weenus/tumblr