This 'Parks & Rec' Rap Is A Delightful Tribute

Tuesday, Jan. 13 marks the seventh and final season premiere of Parks and Recreation. It will be a bittersweet affair: It's the beginning of the end of one of NBC's only remaining truly beloved sitcoms. We will surely be seeing mountains of tributes to the show as its departure from our lives looms closer, so prepare yourself for a lot of delightfulness. Today in delightful: A Parks and Rec final season rap, tweeted out by Mr. Ben Wyatt himself.

The cast self, though definitely rap adept, are not responsible for this rap — that'd be one Isaac Peabody. Adam Scott did tweet his approval, though, with a simple "well done sir" [sic].

The rap centers around Peabody's desire to live in Pawnee forever, which is something a lot of us certainly relate to. Pawnee may not be quite as idyllic a place as Gilmore Girls' Stars Hollow, CT, but it's got one of the world's sunniest and most trustworthy politicians at its helm. Listen to this tribute if you want to bathe your ears in endless Parks and Rec references. And who wouldn't?? "Call me on crazy but I ain't sippin' on snake juice."

I am most definitely not ready for Parks and Rec to end.