Ali Definitely Killed Mona on 'PLL'

by Christine DiStasio

Mrs. Vanderwaal might have some closure now, but this is clearly far from over. On Tuesday night's Pretty Little Liars winter premiere, "Through a Glass, Darkly," the ABC Family drama dropped possibly its biggest bomb of all time. And yet, we still have no freaking idea who A is. At the end of a classic PLL episode of everyone accusing someone else of being A, the police arrested Alison for Mona's murder and, as it turns out, the death of Bethany Young. It would seem like PLL finally solved the mystery that's plagued us all since day one, right? WRONG.

Don't get me wrong, I couldn't be happier that Spencer isn't going to go to jail for a murder she didn't commit and I definitely think Ali had something to do with Mona's murder, but I'm not sure all of our questions have been answered. On Tuesday night, big pieces of the puzzle came into play and resulted in Ali getting arrested and carted off to jail on a possibly double-homicide charge. First, Jason came clean about lying to the police about where Ali was on Thanksgiving Day and then there were the cameras. Leave it up to Mona to outsmart "A," even posthumously.

Mona caught most of her final fight on camera, a camera that Spencer and Emily found during their evidence sweep of her house, and it was enough to convince Jason and the police that Ali probably killed the artist formerly known as "A." And so, Ali, even though she tried to run, was arrested and brought to jail. But did she really do it? She seemed guilty when she tried to run away, but she still maintained that "A" or her former friends were framing her until the handcuffs were on. I'm constantly torn between whether or not I think Alison is a wildly evil genius that gets her kicks from watching other people suffer — I mean, the girl did pretend to be dead. But I'm not entirely sure that, like the police revealed to Spencer when they told her that the DA had dropped the charges against her, Ali actually killed anyone. Or, at the very least, that Ali killed Bethany Young.

The lack of evidence or visual confirmation that the blonde girl attacking Mona in the video was actually Alison makes me feel like there's still more to this story. And, clearly, we're not done with "A." So, did Ali really kill Mona? For the first time, I'm actually not entirely sure.

Image: Eric McCandless/The CW