15 Stationery Sets That Are Beyond Cute, Because Snail Mail Is Still the Best

Twitter, texting, and e-mail may be a tad more convenient than writing out heartfelt notes on ultra cute stationery, but nothing compares to receiving a piece of good old fashioned snail mail. You know, something somebody actually took the time to pick out, scribble on, and buy a postage stamp for. Don't let this personalized communication form die out — after all, there are too many awesome stationery sets to let that happen. Here are some of the coolest, because snail mail is still the best.

Colored Arrows Stationery

Colored Arrows Stationery, $4, Etsy

Simple, colorful, and multi-functional. You can send this as a “thank you” note to your BFF as easily as you can send it as a birthday card to your mother-in-law. Now that’s versatile.

Polaroid Stationery

Polaroid Stationery, $15, Chronicle Books

Polaroids never go out of style. This set of ultra-hip stationery comes with 20 different cards, so you never have to send the same snap twice.

Hello Darling Stationery

Hello Darling Stationery, $11, Rifle Paper Co.

“Hello Darling” stationery is as elegant as it is playful. What a nice combo.

Hello Typewriter Stationery

Hello Typewriter Stationery, $10, Etsy

We may not use typewriters anymore when writing letters (and if you do, you’re awesome), but their cool vintage appeal still remains. Start your letter off with the machine that started it all.

Birthstone Stationery

Birthstone Stationery, $15, Paper Source

People love it when things are personalized. Subsequently, people will love receiving a piece of mail with their birthstone on it.

Faux Glitter Cat Stationery

Faux Glitter Cat Stationery, $12, Etsy

Cats and glitter… need I say more?

Violet Floral Stationery

Violet Floral Stationery, $22, Rifle Paper Co.

It’s flowery without being too flowery. How is that even possible? I don’t know, but it’s perfect.

Snail Mail Stationery

Snail Mail Stationery, $25, Kate Spade

Kate Spade, being cheeky.

"You're a Gem" Stationery

“You’re a Gem” Stationery, $12, Etsy

A smart pairing of gems and love. What more could a person want?

Everyday Personalized Portrait Stationery

Everyday Personalized Portrait Stationery, $85, Rifle Paper Co.

If you’ve got a little extra cash flow coming in, consider investing some of it in a personalized portrait set of stationery from Rifle Paper Co. It’s like having a mini-you stamped on every letter.

Donuts Stationery

Donuts Stationery, $13, Paper Source

These might actually be more fun than real donuts.

Twilight Garden Stationery

Twilight Garden Stationery, $9, Barnes & Noble

Florals brought to you with a hint of chrome and scalloped edges. Lovely.

Vintage Photography Camera Stationery

Vintage Photography Camera Stationery, $16, Etsy

Vintage cameras never looked so cute. Send one of these to a photography lover, and you’ll win them over for life.

Prism Stationery

Prism Stationery, $13, Paper Source

Bright and cheery stationery for a bright and cheery note. Hey, works for me!

PBR Beer Watercolor Hipster Stationery

PBR Beer Watercolor Hipster Stationery, $8, Etsy

As if writing a letter by hand wasn’t hipster enough, throw in a can of PBR for good measure.