'Challenge' Stars Tweet About The Premiere in Tribute to Diem & Knight And They are Heartbroken to See Their Late Friends

Fans of MTV's The Challenge knew the Season 26 premiere was going to be a doozy — and not because it includes members of Are You the One? or the insanity of the physical competitions — rather, it was because the series lost two of its most beloved cast mates this past November. Diem Brown and Ryan Knight tragically passed away just two months before their current season was set to air. Watching the premiere was more difficult than many could have anticipated. In the episode, Brown discusses her desire to start a family and lead a normal, happy life. Knight on the other hand, who was a famous prankster on The Challenge, especially toward his ex and teammate Jemmye, is up to his usual antics and is full of life. It was equally surreal, upsetting and uplifting to see both of them gearing up for the season ahead.

It's not just fans who are mourning the loss of these great players, their fellow competitors, cast mates, and friends took to Twitter to express their grief during the broadcast. Some Challenge members had a difficult time tuning in while others were full of joy to watch their friends and reminisce on their lives. Take a look at how these MTV stars reacted to seeing Diem Brown and Ryan Knight in Tuesday night's premiere: