Were Knight & Jemmye Still Together? 'The Challenge' Stars Were Close Before Ryan's Death

On Thanksgiving night, TMZ reported some very sad news: the death of Ryan Knight, star of MTV's The Real World and The Challenge. Friends of the 29-year-old reality star reportedly told TMZ that he was found dead on Thursday morning in a friend's house, having allegedly "choked on his own vomit." During his time on 2010's The Real World: New Orleans, Knight began dating co-star Jemmye Carroll, however, by the time the pair appeared on The Challenge: Rivals II in 2013, they had broken up. But due to the reported on/off nature of their relationship, many fans must be wondering if Jemmye and Knight were still together at the time of his death.

Shortly after the news broke, Jemmye tweeted a tribute to Knight, with a beautiful yet heartbreaking message accompanying four photos of the pair. And while it is clear that Jemmye still deeply cared for Knight, it appears that the two were not romantically involved before his death. According to their initial report, friends of Knight told TMZ that before he died, Knight "was saying he was dating someone new who made him extremely happy." But as Jemmye's tweet shows, that doesn't mean she and Knight had lost their bond.

Jemmye also tweeted a screenshot of her phone showing multiple recent voicemails from Knight, explaining that he left them for her because he knew she didn't like getting messages.

While they may not have been dating when he died, Jemmye and Knight seem to have remained close friends. She is one of the many people who will undoubtedly always miss and remember Knight.