'HoC's Season 3 Premiere Will Be Here So Soon

The weather outside may be heading toward sub-zero temperatures, but there's one thought in particular that's bound to keep you all warm and cozy during these cold winter nights — and that's the fact that the House of Cards Season 3 premiere date is oh-so close at hand. Starting on Feb. 27, 2015, 13 new chapters of HoC will become available on Netflix for your viewing pleasure, so we can finally see what Frank Underwood has in store now that he's become the leader of the free world. (God help us all.) So if you have any sick days saved up, I suggest you think of using them during this time. After all, Congressional mayhem waits for no one and something tells me this latest installment will be just as enthralling at its predecessors.

However, there's still a significant amount of time between now and Season 3's grand debut, especially for those impatient few of us just itching to see Kevin Spacey back in the political arena. This means that it's more imperative than ever to try and keep ourselves preoccupied until House of Cards is officially back in session. So while we wait for that glorious day to arrive, here are a few different ways to help pass the time and sustain us through our Underwood withdrawal. (Knock, Knock on wood.)

Tune In for the Golden Globes

As I'm sure you already know, House of Cards has been nominated in several different categories this year, which means you're guaranteed to see a few very familiar faces turn up for the ceremony, including Spacey and his on-screen wife Robin Wright — both of whom have a chance of taking home a golden trophy. Sure, it's not the same as seeing them all in character, but ya gotta admit that it's the next best thing and certainly better than nothing at all.

Re-Watch the First Two Seasons

Season 3 may not be available on Netflix quite yet, but Seasons 1 and 2 are still ready to stream at a moment's notice. Take advantage of this spare time by re-watching both seasons in their entirety, so you'll feel fully informed and prepared for whatever Season 3 has to offer. And let's face it — you probably binge-watched both seasons so fast when they first came out that you could use a bit of a refresher at this point.

Practice Your Chess Game

Or if you're like me, learn how to play chess altogether. After all, if you're going to engross yourself once more into Frank Underwood's world, you might as well start thinking like him. His moves are calculated and meticulous, much like chess itself. Learning the game will help to sharpen your mind for all the backstabbing and double-crossing that will inevitably ensue. Checkmate, my friend.

Find Your Own Freddy's Equivalent

Heck, I would suggest doing this even if Frank didn't have a fondness for this particular food. Ribs are delicious and have my vote any day of the year. Bon appétit!

Images: Nathaniel Bell/Netflix; Wifflegif (3); gatissmark/Tumblr; gifs-for-the-masses/Tumblr