Justin Bieber Smolders Shirtlessly in His Calvins

Rut roh. Beliebers are about to lose their damn minds. New Justin Bieber for Calvin Klein print ads, which totally channel his bro Mark Wahlberg when he was Marky Mark, find the singer and ne'er-do-well pop star shirtless, tattooed, smoldering, and draped by a beautiful blonde model. That's Lara Stone and she is getting all sorts of handsy with Biebs, with a palm on his washboard abs and another suggestively placed on his acid-washed jeans in one of the images, shot by Mert and Marcus.

Did someone turn up the heat in here?

The location of the second palm is actually quite purposeful. The eye is immediately drawn downward to her strategically placed hand, which is right underneath the waistband of Bieber's Calvin Klein undies. You immediately know you are looking at a Calvin Klein ad and it's the quintessential celeb worship ideal and a pretty standard advertising ploy.

The message is received: Girls want to be with him and guys want to be him, and if that means purchasing a pair of Calvins to support or emulate him, then so be it. That's nothing new for brands that utilize celebs and famous people in their imaging because they have a product to sell.

I know, I know. The notion of wanting to be Bieber, who also repped Adidas NEO, might seem a bit ridiculous on paper, since he has been an easy target to clown on in pop culture for the past year or three. But Bieber has clearly grown up, has a great body, loads of cash, incredible fame, and a hot babe is throwing herself at him.

Say what you will about The Biebs — who turns 21 this March — but he looks hot in these ads. It's Swoon City. He is in shape. The tattoos give him a rebellious vibe. That James Dean hair is something else, as is the pouty stare.

Bieber confirmed his status as the face (and chest and butt, actually) of Calvin Klein and their iconic undies while shirtlessly drumming.

The Biebs is at a place in his career where he can reinvent himself like Wahlberg did. Or he can go the way of Vanilla Ice, who never recovered from his downward spiral. I'll be on the sidelines watching to see how this one goes.

Images: Calvin Klein (3)