Who Is Ellen Rucker's Boyfriend? Bakari Sellers The 'Love Thy Sister' Star Is Well Known Lawyer Down South

The new Kardashian-esque reality show from WE TV, Love Thy Sister , follows the three Rucker sisters, Ellen, Ione, and Ruby as they balance their careers, dating lives, and family reality TV hijinks. While the eldest sister is married and the youngest Rucker is currently single, who is Bakari Sellers, Ellen's longtime boyfriend? He's a successful attorney and politician who's attempting to take his career to another level.

After serving in South Carolina's House of Representatives, he decided to run for Lieutenant Governor of the state just last year. While his campaign wasn't quite successful, he did gain a ton of experience — and prove that he's serious to his fellow politicians about transitioning full-time from law to politics (if the eight years as a Congressman weren't enough to prove his dedication).

I don't know how the highly conservative Southern political scene will react to a racy reality show like Love Thy Sister (for example, they catch Ione masturbating in the pilot episode), but I guess if Thomas from Southern Charm can get away with it, there's no reason why Bakari shouldn't be able to. But in the pilot, most of the conflict stems from her doubts at how serious he is about their relationship — and accusations that he's cheating on her! I don't know if this is just reality TV drama that will be resolved by the end of the episode or legitimate grievances, but either way, that can't look good for a guy who appears on campaign posters. But there's a lot more to Bakari than these cheating rumors. We'll just have to wait and see what Ellen chooses to do about their relationship on Love Thy Sister.

He Used to Mount Class-Action Lawsuits

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We've all seen the commercials. A man in a plain blue suit, tiredly explaining that if you took certain medications, got a certain type of surgery, or were in some sort of industrial accident, that you could be entitled to a whole bunch of money — join a class action lawsuit against a huge corporation. Bakari works/worked for Strom Law Firm.

He's Great with Ellen's Daughter

While Ellen and her ex-husband, basketball player Vince Carter, are co-parenting their daughter, Kai, Bakari is also involved in her life.

His Past Isn't Totally Clean

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He was charged with a DUI in 2013, but according to WISTV, the charges were dropped when there was a clerical error between the date on his ticket and the date on the police car footage.

He Was Involved in Politics Incredibly Early


Bakari was the youngest elected black official in America when he won his first election into the South Carolina House of Representatives. And to hear him talk about it, he sure doesn't sound like a typical 29-year-old or reality TV star. While Love Thy Sister may be produced by the same people who brought us the Kardashians, they could have accidentally cast one of America's future political leaders.

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