Chiara Ferragni Makes 'Forbes' 30 Under 30, Is the Only Fashion Blogger on the Prestigious List


The fashion blogosphere might be struggling to stay relevant with the rise of Instagram and other such photo-sharing platforms that make traditional blogs seem a tad outdated. But if you're a fashion-lover with Internet access, chances are you've come across Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad at some point. With her model good looks and enviable wardrobe, this blogger extraordinaire has fast become one of the biggest names in the industry. So big, in fact, that Chiara Ferragni landed a spot on the  Forbes "30 Under 30."

Ferragni, who is represented in the Art & Style catagory, is the only fashion blogger to end up on the prestigious list for 2015. From her "30 Under 30" write-up:

$8 million in revenues. Eight. Million. Dollars. I would not know what to do with $8 million if it hit my in the face. OK, I totally know what to do. I would buy beautiful clothing like Chiara Ferragni and never be sad again (just kidding about that last part). But still. LOOK AT HER!

Fun fact: Bustle's own fearless leader, Kate Ward, also landed a spot on the Forbes "30 Under 30." Congrats, Kate, Chiara, and all the other amazing people who are killing it way harder than I am at this stage of life.