Except a Summer Cumber-baby

For the disciples of the cult of Cumberbatch, Christmas has come extra-early this year in the form of baby announcement. Sophie Hunter and Benedict Cumberbatch have confirmed that they are pregnant and it's basically time to declare that child's birth a national holiday in advance of it being born. When is Sophie Hunter due? I just wanna know when I should request off of work.

Now, this may be a tough one to try to estimate, because things are extremely early on. Page Six broke the news on Wednesday morning, when it was merely a wives tale from the lips of an anonymous source. I'm guessing the reaction from Sophedict was basically to shrug and think "Meh, well, cat's outta the bag... Might as well make it official." By Wednesday afternoon, the Sherlock star's publicist released a statement corroborating the baby news, saying that the dreamy couple is "over the moon." Us too, guys. I can't wait for the arrival of little Ignatius Frankfurter Hunter-Cumberbatch, as I'm hoping the baby will be named.

Lest we be waylaid by more baby name imagining, let's get down to business. When can we expect the coming of the Cumberbatch progeny? This game will involve a little science, and a lot of wild guesstimating. (Just kidding, the only kind of science I employ is pseudo-science.)

In order to gauge how far along Hunter is at the moment, we can look to other when other celebrity pregnancy news broke versus their due dates. News of Hayden Panettiere's pregnancy broke in May, and she gave birth this past December. Doing some quick mental math, we can infer that Panettiere was already about three months along when word got out. The press got whiff of Zoe Saldana's pregnancy in July when she was reportedly about three months along. She also gave birth in December, meaning that her twins may have been a touch early.

As plenty of normals do, these celeb couples all waited until the second trimester to reveal their baby news. Given that Hunter and Cumberbatch are clearly sensible people who don't get ahead of themselves, I'm guessing that they did the same. Thus, it's possible that Hunter is at least "a few months along," as a source told Page Six.

Tristan Fewings/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Using the info from Page Six's source, and comparing this estimate that Hunter is at least three months along at this point. If we add six months to now, I predict the Cumber-baby will arrive in May or June. Just in time for summer!

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