Apparently, going braless has become something of a trend. This must make me a trendsetter, because I've been frequently forgoing bras forever. It's not a political statement, or a fashion statement; it's just that, for me (and perhaps most people) bras are mostly unnecessary. As someone blessed/cursed with small breasts, I certainly don't need the support. The only issue is, well, nipples.

The one problem with skipping a bra is that it tends to leave the outline of your nipples visible. My long-running stance on this has been: Meh. Why should I have to be uncomfortable all day just so strangers can't see that I have a body part we all have? Yet as I've gotten older and more modest (why does this happen?), I've revised my thinking on bras slightly. It turns out, just maybe, there are some occasions where bras are absolutely necessary.

1. At work

Because some people (like your boss) probably don't need to see the outline of your nipples, ever. Note: This does not apply if you work in fashion, at a strip club, as a lifeguard or as a blogger who only encounters other bloggers all day.

2. Around my dad

I know my dad knows I have boobs, or at least suspects, but I feel like it's only normal and polite not to advertise them to him.

3. At church

I very rarely go to church, but it happens on occasion when I'm visiting my family. And on these occasions, I altruistically wear a bra so as not to embarrass my Catholic mother.

I suppose bras are also good form at the gym or out running, but in order for this to apply to me I would have to ever actually do these things (and: ha!).

I also asked around on social media to see where others thought it imperative not to go braless. Survey says:

Where are some places you should never go without a bra?

WalMart (to which someone else replied: "What are you kidding me? I even don't wear a bra to Target.")

"Victoria's Secret because they'll try to sell you an ugly, overpriced one."

"Court. Jail. TV studio."

"Horseback riding, trampoline jumping or ice fishing."

"Anywhere you're wearing a see-thru shirt."

"The freezer section of the grocery store."

"Anywhere that you might have to do jumping jacks."

"I think you should go f**king anywhere!"

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