Sienna Miller Taking Over 'Cabaret's Sally Bowles Role After Emma Stone & Who Knew She Could Sing? — VIDEO

Though my first thought after reading EW's report about Sienna Miller replacing Emma Stone as Sally Bowles in Broadway's Cabaret production was definitely "wait a second, Sienna Miller can sing?" (followed promptly by a Google search into the matter, of course) I have to say, this is actually pretty exciting news. As sad as I'll be at the prospect of not being able to see Emma Stone on stage in NYC any longer, her contract to appear in the production was never supposed to last past the beginning of 2015 — and, as it turns out, Sienna Miller can sing, and really, really well at that. (Like, seriously, that is a singing voice that sort of deserves to be heard more often.) Sometimes, unexpected casting announcements turn out to be the best.

According to EW, Miller has signed on to take over the role of Sally when Stone departs the production on next month: Stone's last day is reported to be Feb. 15, and then Miller will begin taking on the role on Feb. 17. Sadly, it won't be a long stint at allCabaret is actually set to close on March 29, so Miller will only be with the production until then.

Though Miller hasn't sang much at all, it's not that difficult to find examples of her unexpected musical talent. She lent her voice to a song from Italian-English singer/songwriter Jack Savoretti called "Hate & Love" in 2012, and it's actually quite a sweet ballad:

What'd I say? Girl can SING.