11 Super Sexy Winter Lingerie Looks... Provided You Think Long Johns and Union Suits Are Sexy

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Baby, it's cold outside, and you know what that means — time to curl up by the fire with your lover while wearing the silkiest of nighties, skimpiest of thongs, and flirtiest of stockings... *** record skip*** JUST KIDDING! It's far too freaking freezing for that nonsense. You've tried space heaters, warm blankets, fireside cuddling, and slathering that gross warming lube all over your body, and you still can't get psyched about getting naked when there are sub-zero temps outside. We're coming to the rescue with the 11 sexiest — er, did I say sexiest? I meant most ridiculous bedtime winter wear on the market. Bonus: With trap doors and snap-button crotches, you can get warm and get laid at the same time.

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