Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds' Child Won't Have An Awkward Phase, Judging By The Couple's Old Photos

By now, just about everyone following celebrity news knows that actress Blake Lively gave birth to a little girl over the holidays before the New Year, counting her and husband actor Ryan Reynolds among proud celebrity parents. Us Weekly confirmed the news, along with the most important information: that the mother and baby were both in good health. But since we're a few days into 2015, some fans are probably more than ready to see a picture of the bundle of joy.

Though Lively and Reynolds have not yet publicly released a photo of the new baby, it's safe to say that the baby is probably beautiful, especially since both Lively and Reynolds are famous not only for their acting chops, but also for being, well, two extremely good looking people. And as seen from throwback photos of Lively from her teenage years posted to Pop Sugar last December, Lively seems to have been lucky enough to avoid the awkward phase that typically happens during high school. And who could forget Ryan Reynolds' run on Sabrina The Teenage Witch? Though the film aired when he was much younger, he was still hunky enough to be able to play the high school jock. And looking some of the past throwbacks from this couple that have recently posted on Twitter, it looks like their child has pretty smooth sailing ahead to look forward to in the future.

Judging by Lively's yearbook photos, it would be really hard to believe that she ever even had a zit.

She was also a cheerleader, which probably shocks zero percent of the population.

She was also known for being funny too. Maybe you really can have it all if you're Blake Lively!

But this is not to say that Reynolds wasn't in the same boat. When he was younger, he was equally as adorable as Lively was.

And of course, he was cuddling up with a puppy too.

Even before Reynolds grew up, there was likely no way anyone would think to cast him as an unpopular guy in this movie.

And now, of course, they look like this:

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Congrats to the happy couple! And here's hoping we'll all see a picture of their adorable baby soon!