Rumors of a Blake Lively Preserve Baby Line Are in Full Swing — And Here Are 5 Reasons Why We Need Them to Be True

In a quaint little town, while all the world merrily sipped eggnog and trimmed trees, a child was born unto us. I know what you are thinking: “Hello, Katie! It was Jesus. Jesus was born. He’s the reason for the season. Duh.” The child I speak of, however, was not born in Bethlehem, but rather in Connecticut. And she is only holy to those who subscribe to the religion of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. That’s right folks. Arguably (and by that I mean not really debatable whatsoever) the most unfairly gorgeous couple this side of anywhere became parents sometime in December and Lively’s sneaky childbirth has the internet all a-flutter. Seriously, who else in Hollywood could hide a labor and delivery for almost a month?!

Word on the street is that baby Reynolds-Lively is a girl — an undoubtedly sweet little angel who the pair reportedly named Violet. (Just stop with the cuteness already.) Really, though, we have yet to even catch a glimpse of the child (or present any facts solidifying the gender for that matter) and somehow we have collectively decided she is angelic and perfect in every way. Violet Reynolds (name confirmation pending) is essentially the Mary Poppins of babies.

So to recap: We don’t know much at all, and are hanging our collective hat on quite a few rumors, albeit adorable ones. Here is what we do know though: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds flew totally under the radar and did have a baby in December. Score. The former Gossip Girl star launched her lifestyle/storytelling online collective Preserve in mid-July and it is a curation of [sometimes] pricey, [often] quirky, things we never knew we wanted, but now have to have. If we digress momentarily back to the gossip, rumors have surfaced in the hallowed halls of fashion that a Preserve baby line may be on the way, which leads us to one last fact: We all want to see Blake Lively make miniature fashion, whether we have a child or not. So here are five completely rational reasons we need a Preserve baby line in our future:


Are you even allowed to use the term "on fleek" to describe anything having to do with a baby? I still don't fully understand the term, but it's likely appropriate when describing prospective baby clothes designed by Blake Lively. Also, it's probably unfair to link only her maternity style to her undoubtedly unmatched ability to design beautiful miniature duds (I dare you to name a time she ever looked less than fabulous), but considering she was fit for a runway whilst 9 months pregnant, we'll give credit where credit is most recently due. Case in point: Blake Lively's IRL style is even more enviable than her once famous Upper East Side style, and a shrunken down version is something babies of the world need.


Baby models in general are THE CUTEST — all moral qualms with the nature of the practice aside. Who doesn't want to see the offspring of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds frolicking around on a buffalo plaid flannel blanket in an open field whilst wearing clothes cuter than what they would find in their own closet? I certainly do. And don't deny it: You do too. A Preserve baby line presents the perfect opportunity for this to happen.


The only thing better than a miniature version of your favorite fashion trend is truly stylish "mom and me" matching ensembles. The mere thought of the future possibilities here, designed by Lively to suit her style and sized down for major mini me pieces, are enough to make you want to borrow a child if you don't already have one.


You guys: Baby girl was born in December. That can only mean one thing. If a Preserve baby line comes to fruition (a.k.a. all our dreams come true) a fairisle, cabin baby chic capsule collection is a mere nine months away. Think of all the fashion-forward holiday cards.


No one was happier than I was to watch Dan Humphrey and Serena Van Der Woodsen tie the knot in the last episode of Gossip Girl (dat dress though!). But, what happened after? Did everyone truly forgive Dan for, well, everything? Did they live happily ever after on the Upper East Side? Most importantly, did they have a baby, and WHAT DID THAT BABY WEAR?! Sadly, we may never know. But babies clad in Blake Lively-designed clothes would surely be the next best thing to seeing what Dan and Serena would dress their baby in for a relaxing UES stroll on an autumn day.

I think Lively should call the collection Jam. Doesn’t that just seem like the baby version of Preserve? That one’s for free, guys. Whatever the name may be — of her baby or of her possible trendy tiny tot collection — let’s just hope organic, hand-sewn bibs and furry-tailed fox onesies are in everyone’s future. Oh, and pretty please let there be matching "mom and me" caviar-beaded ensembles. You have to get a little Blake Lively/Serena Van Der Woodsen red carpet style in there.

Images: Getty; Preserve; Ilona Jongepier; Restoration Hardware; Tumblr