Beyond "Having It All": Women Figure Out How To Acheive Balance

A new report says that most women in the UK feel that they've found a good balance between work and home life. In fact, women were more likely to feel this way than men, with 61% of women indicating they were pleased with their current balance and only 25% saying they were displeased as opposed to only 51% of men reporting they had good balance and 31% reporting they did not.

Interestingly, the report also suggests that couples in which both partners work in the same field are less likely to be happy with their work and home life balance than partners who work in separate fields. Maybe it's hard to raise a family when you're both more likely to work to same hours? Or maybe talking about work stuff when you get home means you never get to feel that you've left it all behind.

Whatever the reasons behind the gender gap, however, it's nice to see that most women have figured out how to, if not 'have it all,' at least have enough of it all to achieve personal happiness. Which is sort of the whole point after all. It's not about being perfect or getting everything you want because no one is and no one does. Rather, the goal should be to find the right balance.

So cheers to all the UK women who are succeeding!

Image: anusak/Fotolia