What Just Happened on 'Girls'?

Is anyone perfectly clear on what just went down on the Season 4 premiere of Girls ? We know Hannah is off to Iowa because that was kind of the whole point of an episode titled "Iowa." Duh. But at the very end, after all of his mewling and stewing, Adam doesn't wake up to tell Hannah goodbye when she leaves for grad school — well he does, but he pretends not to and Hannah doesn't even nudge him to try to change that. The sex they have the night before her departure is disconnected and dispassionate. Before the screen goes black we see Hannah on the verge of tears and heading away from her boyfriend. Did Hannah & Adam just break up?

Not exactly, ladies and gents. They agreed to "no plan" for their relationship, so who knows what that will mean in an episode or two. It's never safe to say one way or another, especially because relationships on Girls (much like relationships in real life) don't really work on a CW-esque 'shipping schedule. There are breakups, but there are breakdowns and I-don't-knows and fadeaways and all sorts of nebulous relationship troubles. Things aren't always cut and dry.

However, we can definitely bet that things aren't going to be easy for these two. As Adam professed after going silent like a toddler at Marnie's musical brunch, he's terrible at the phone. Hannah's aware; Adam is in favor of silences so long she thinks he hung up until he unleashes his signature exasperated and dismissive groan. Hearing these two talk about how they're terrible at phone communication and knowing that Hannah's plan is "there is no plan," compounded with the part where Hannah failed Adam's test, it kinda seems like the comically oversized hand of foreshadowing is smacking us upside the head.

Let's put it this way: If they do stay together long distance, we're in for an entire season of the whiniest Adam you can imagine. No thanks. If they don't stay together, Hannah will probably have to focus harder on her writing and her own inner, like, stuff or whatever. Yay, finally! (Although, I do hope that wouldn't mean less Adam onscreen.)

Is it just me, or do you all suddenly hope these two don't make it (this season) too?

Image: Craig Blankenhorn/HBO