'SIster Wives' Aspyn Brown Just Gets Us

As much as I absolutely adore the drama that happens between a man and his four wives (because duh), what I truly love most about Sister Wives is the Brown family's teenage children. If you haven't managed to fall in love with them just yet, please pay more attention to them during their talking head segments. They're sassy, opinionated, and don't mind calling their parents out when they're being ridiculous. Even better are their social media accounts, which they update pretty regularly, as any teenager would. Through Instagram, I have fallen head over heels in love with Logan Brown and have wished, hoped, and prayed that Mariah would be my best friend. My latest find: Christine's daughter Aspyn's Twitter account, which is basically a goldmine of all my inner thoughts. And I'm willing to bet they're your inner thoughts, too.

These days, Aspyn's an adorable sorority girl who works at Alex & Ani and recently got a cat for Christmas, compliments of her roommates and her sister, Mariah. She posts super adorable selfies with her little sis, Truely, on Instagram, and she looks like a blast to go to Disneyland with. This probably describes at least half of the females I am friends with, which means we're totally meant to be BFFs. Aspyn, please be my friend.

If I was ever going to describe my life using one tweet, it would be this one.

It may have been a couple of years since I was in college, but I can still totally relate. The most freeing feeling in the world is throwing out all your old notes, tests, and homework assignments at the end of the semester. You don't get to do that as an adult. As an adult, you have to keep everything or you will regret it.

I have no idea. I can't remember the last time I woke up and thought, "Wow, I feel super rested."

This girl is preaching to the choir.

Similarly, nothing feels worse than that sinking moment you feel when someone unfriends you. They should have to submit a form explaining why they're deleting you. Was it something I said? Was the last picture I posted of my cats the last straw?

It's even worse when someone you think you might recognize waves at you, and then you wave back and realize they're actually greeting the person behind you... you know, who they actually know.

This is the thought I have every time I watch You've Got Mail, which is quite frequently.

Same. I have now resigned myself to only watch the show when the sun is out and I'm not home alone. Otherwise, I'm afraid to leave my bed just in case a giant, scary clown hiding under it waiting to grab me.

This is the struggle. To be on time anywhere or to get Starbucks? The answer is always Starbucks.

Image: aspynbrown/Instagram