What's the Deal with Adam & Hannah on 'Girls'?

Season 3 of Girls ended with me being partly proud of Hannah for finding success in getting into the Iowa Writers' Workshop, but mostly being pissed off at her for how she handled telling her boyfriend Adam. She dropped the bomb about the graduate school program onto him right before his Broadway play debut, so are Adam and Hannah together in Season 4? Based on the Season 4 trailer, it looks like they definitely are, which makes me think the better question is: how long will Hannah and Adam be together in Season 4?

During their relationship in Season 1, I was usually mad at Adam (not saying Hannah was a saint). But the tables turned by the time they got back together at the end of Season 2. Adam had matured tremendously and was ready to actually commit to Hannah — in his own special way. I completely understood how she felt rejected when he said he needed to move out to concentrate on preparing for the play Major Barbara. She took it personally ('cause she's Hannah), but as a person who also takes things they shouldn't personally, I could connect with how she was feeling.

But I was really outraged at her when she took away Adam's big Broadway moment and made it about her success. Of course, he felt the same way and lashed out on her after his performance (which he thought was bad). And since that went down in the Season 3 finale, it kind of felt like their relationship was over. Hannah was going to Iowa — and Adam would move on and focus on his career.

But the trailer tells me I was completely wrong and the two are sticking it out.

Adam and Hannah are so together that he's even at her send-off dinner with her parents. (And looking remarkably like Max Crumm from Grease: You're the One That I Want!)


Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Am I right? Or am I right? (I mean, I'm hoping that his leather jacket is for a role or something.)

Anyway, what I'm actually the most concerned about is the relationship that appears to be developing between Adam and Jessa. The trailer shows Jessa saying in her condescending I-dispense-worldly-advice-even-though-I'm-a-hot-mess tone, "You don't even have the bravery to break up with Adam." And then, Adam and Jessa appear to get arrested together.

As annoyed as I can be with Hannah, it would be supremely messed up if Adam cheated on her with Jessa. But depending on Jessa's state, I'm inclined to say that wouldn't be too surprising of a move by her (unfortunately).

Although I do enjoy Hannah and Adam together, I only want them to be dating if they are healthy and happy Hannah and Adam. They will always have some dysfunction, but when it turns into mostly destructive dysfunction, it would be better for them to just own up to it and break up. If they are going to be together, I want them to be happily in love.

Is that expecting too much from Girls? Uh, yeah. Totally. The show is called Girls. Not Responsible Women Who Have Their Shit Together. Sigh. But that's why I love it so.

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