Kyle Corman's Idol Audition Wasn't Nearly As Awesome As His Crazy Hair

Poor guy. He just tried so hard. In the Season 14 premiere of American Idol , there weren't a lot of missteps in the Nashville auditions where Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. were concerned, at least not as far as we saw on television. But Kyle Corman was definitely on the losing side of the auditions when he tried his hardest to perform The Goo-Goo Dolls' "Give A Little Bit," and just could not impress any of the judges or his hometown of Staten Island, New York.

Corman came into the judges' room after quite a bit of awkwardness as he was asked to talk about the — in his words — "underrated" music scene in Staten Island... and he went completely blank when trying to talk about the scene that he was so desperately trying to get on the map. He told the judges when he walked in that he worked in produce and that the worst part of his job is that customers constantly try to mess with his hair. Then of course, Harry Connick Jr. had to poke the bear and asked to touch his hair, which Corman obliged. While his hair may have mesmerized the judges and myself (seriously I just want to mess with it!), his singing just wasn't good enough to move on. After the judges started trying to give Corman some constructive criticism, he tried to sing another song over their words which just seemed to annoy Keith Urban even more. As he walked out of the audition, he blamed his lack of progression to Hollywood on the fact that he lost his voice. Well, there's always next year? We'll miss your hair Kyle, we'll miss your wondrous hair.

Images: Fox (screenshot)